We're looking for aspiring photographers to take professional photos in the sunshine.
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In this photographer role, you’ll be practising a great variety of styles of photography

You will need to be able to commit to a minimum of 3 months abroad although many of our roles are 6 month contracts. You also have to be prepared to move between different resorts according to operational needs of the business to fulfil your duties.

You'll need to present a professional appearance and attitude at all times, and maintain an excellent standard of customer service. 

This is a freelance role so you will use your own high spec photography equipment to capture photos on land or on powerboats,  of holiday makers taking part in a range of activities – dinghy sailing, windsurfing, paddle sports, tennis, mountain biking and the kids clubs.

You'll need to be comfortable following timetables and making informed coverage decisions.

At the end of each day you should be able to use photographic software to edit, organise and export photos to a good standard. 

Organisation will be key as will the ability to softly sell, prepare and deliver fun and friendly family portrait sessions on the beach.

You'll need to work well in a team of like minded photographers to proactively provide assistance to all guests each day and occasional evenings. 

Finally you'll have to be able to demonstrate a personable, informative and efficient service for all potential clients.

What's your first name? *

Hi {{answer_qS0R3iwVq1U8}}. What's your last name?

What phone number can we call if we want to get in touch quickly? *

Please inc dialling code if you're abroad
We'll need to know a bit more about your education and career to date.  Please upload your CV/Resume so we can have a look through. *

Please upload your CV/Resume in PDF, Word or Pages format.
Thanks {{answer_qS0R3iwVq1U8}}, so far so good! Next we'll need a link to relevant photography work created by you. *

Please makes sure there is a selection of at least 10 portrait and 10 action photos as these will make it easier to evaluate your application.  GoogleDrive, Dropbox, Wetransfer, Onedrive are the best options from our experience.  Do NOT give us your instagram or facebook links as pictures of last nights dinner are not helpful in this application :)
Without meaning to come across as a bit nosey, please could you tell us what camera kit you own to shoot with *

Please list make and model of your camera body as well as any lenses you have inc the focal length and apertures
Nice one!  That's the formalities over.  Now to find a bit more out about your skills. 

How would you rate your experience and knowledge of action photography? *

And how would you rate your ability and knowledge of portrait photography? *

What about your ability to edit using Adobe Lightroom to quickly work through hundreds of photos to batch edit? *

Now, please read the following statement:

"Building rapport and being available, professional and above all attentive is key to selling your service or product"

What are your thoughts on this? *

Can you tell us a bit more about your customer service experience? *

What digital creative work have you done that you are most proud of?

This is your chance to wow us. Don't waste it!
Now, some quick photography questions...

{{answer_qS0R3iwVq1U8}}, do you know the 3 components for the Triangle Of Exposure? *

Have a look at this photo, it looks a bit too dark.  The settings are shown below. 

What is the quickest setting change you could make to get a better exposure? *

Focal length 300mm
ISO 400
Aperture 5.6
Shutter Speed 1/4000

{{answer_qS0R3iwVq1U8}}, we've got another iffy photo for you to look at.  Seems the subjects are a bit blurry. 

How should the settings in camera be adjusted to make it a bit sharper next time? *

Focal length 24mm
ISO 100
Aperture 5.6
Shutter Speed 1/125

Ok, last photo. This time it's a really grainy photo.  Not much natural light here and a tripod was available.

What should be changed in settings to decrease the noise in the photo?

Focal length 12mm
ISO 6400
Aperture 5.4
Shutter Speed 1/30

What makes you want to work abroad with CE Photo? *

500 character limit so be concise and to the point :)
{{answer_qS0R3iwVq1U8}}, we'll need to know about any holidays you have planned already for 2018

Make sure you consider weddings or other key dates that you might need to be back home for.  (Write NONE if this is not applicable)
What date would you be able to travel and start? *

Earliest 15th April 2018. 

Make sure you consider any final exams, exhibitions or course work handovers.
And what is the latest date that you would need to return home by?

Our contracts typically end around 7th November - Unfortunately we cannot offer any contracts that end before 1st September and preference will be given to anybody that can work until November.
Last question, we promise....Can you tell us where you found out about the role?

{{answer_qS0R3iwVq1U8}}, we want to thank you for letting us know that you really want this gig.  We'll have a good look through your application in the next 2 weeks and let you know if you've scored an interview.

Please share the role with other like minded photographers - we have loads of opportunities coming.
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